Local History

A group of fourteen women first established the YWCA of Whangarei in 1920.  Their purpose was to set up a hostel for British immigrant women until they found employment and suitable accommodation in their “new land”.

The property they purchased in 1920 . Which was an old hotel in a sorry condition.  New premises were opened in Rust Lane (1940).  These were furnished and many of the previous activities recommenced.

During the “war years”, the YWCA rooms were used as extra classrooms, as an open home for troops where dances and other co-educational activities were run.

Our archives show that the “Y” has gone through many “lean” years.  The YWCA has been sustained by benefactors, concerts, fairs, dinners, dances and community activities helped keep their head above water.  The YWCA has had phenomenal support from the local community.

Through all the struggles, like a bright thread woven into a dark tapestry,
the values of the 1920’s remain the same today.
Though the buildings crumble and we grow older the
YWCA’s old values of caring and service
to those in need remain strong in us

We of the twenty-first century take pride in keeping alive the dreams of the founding members of 1920.

Somehow we manage to keep our heads above water. Would you like a link to your financial report???

Our door is always open and we welcome new supporters and members.