ENCORE is a gentle exercise programme for women after breast cancer.

The YWCA Encore programme assists women who have had breast cancer surgery regain their mobility, flexibility and self-confidence through gentle exercise and support. Encore meets the needs of an ever-growing group of women whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. The lack of structured services to women post-surgery is recognised by most groups working in this field.

Breast cancer can have serious physical and psychological effects. Encore has been designed to combat this through:

  • Improvement of mobility and flexibility
  • Boosting of self-esteem and confidence
  • The relief of any discomfort experienced as a result of surgery
  • Reduction of the potential risk of lymphoedema
  • Creating a positive attitude to life and health
  • Providing an opportunity to share experiences with other women who have been through similar traumatic experiences in a positive, supportive environment


Who attends Encore?

Each programme is attended by up to 14 women who will have been referred through their surgeon, breast cancer nurse, one of the support networks or who will have simply seen a poster or brochure. (Or seen this website!)

Please note: Attendance is by enrolment only and GP or specialist approval is required.

Encore is not designed to be an ongoing support group although the women do make friendships. Encore is a way of helping women to regain control of their lives, understand the benefits of regular exercise and then to move on. For some women, however, it is beneficial for them to repeat the programme.

Encore exercise programme

The Results

Encore has been shown to help in the alleviation of pain and the increasing of movement and flexibility. It has also been shown to assist in the emotional and psychological healing process.

For example, many women have trouble raising their arms above shoulder height. This impacts on everyday occurrences such as brushing their hair or hanging out washing. Some women have trouble picking up their children. These kinds of limitations are not only demoralizing, they impact on the professional and personal lives of the women.

In Australia, the Encore surveys and evaluations have found that nine out of ten women who attend an Encore course report physical improvement. Eight out of ten women feel an increase in their energy level and 100 per cent of the women report that they benefited in some way from attending the programme.

Participation in Encore is FREE.

For more information, call:

Katrina Andrew 09 438 2926